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Default Worksman Wheels My Way

I recently started a second motor bike build and needed a set of wheels. I had a nice set of Husky industrial wheels on my first build so I decided to try something even stronger. I chanced across a thread on the Rat Rod bike forum of someone who had toured the Worksman factory and took a bunch of pictures. In one of the pictures was a stack of what appeared to be their heavy duty rims but these were aluminum. Same classic shape, but lighter.

I wanted them in black but they were only available in silver so ordered a set and as soon as I got them home I took them completely apart. I took the rims to an annodizing shop, had the silver chemically stripped off, then had the rims annodized in a hard black finish. I also did a little custom work to my rear sprocket and had this annodized as well. Here are how the parts came out.

Then the fun part, putting them all back together. The spokes are so large the bike shop didn't have a spoke tool large enough to fit the 11 gauge stainless spokes, so I used a small 3/16" wrench. It was interesting to note that the front was a three cross pattern while the rear was a four cross. Here is how they look now with some Felt Quick Bricks mounted up. Can't wait to put them on my bike.

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