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Originally Posted by Bandana Man View Post
Hello ALL,
Am new to the 'biking circuit' and need some advice! I'd like to start biking to work, GO GREEN...and save some money. My trip to work is about 25miles; my training rides are up to 16mi. I'd like to install a motor on my bike, but do not know if I should put one on my ten speed or my mountain bike. Also, I have no clue as to where to obtain a motor...ebay, or a company...if so, which company? Am looking for low cost and efficiancy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
In good health, Michael
Low cost and efficiency....hmmm....that would be a well tuned 2 stroke. OTOH, some headaches, learning and work to get it there. 4 stroke kits are now becoming more popular as well. Noise is always a factor.

Frame or rack mount??? Rack is easier to install by the looks of it, but usually smaller engines, higher up. Frame mounts are more configurable, more power, with the center of gravity safely lower. Also with a frame mounted in a geared bike you can install a jackshaft kit to use your existing gearing rather than a bolt on one speed sprocket.

You don't state your location, but are you talking hilly, city, or?? I would consider a 25 mile commute pretty darn long. Fun on a bike, but lots of planning involved.....tons of good advice on prepping here.

I would do the mountain bike. By nature, they are more heavy duty. I would advise you to learn a lot before making a decision - after safety the next most important step will be your mechanical ability. A 2-stroke frame mount kit to really make it right requires the ability (or chums!) to port the engine manifolds to match, to tune the engine. Once set up you'll be loving it.
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