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Default Re: Mine won't Idle

Sorry, It is a 2-stroke.. so oil/gas mixture.

It is kinda a crappy install, but does work, nonetheless.

Maybe after I shorten the cable, I can pull it just right to keep it idleing. It kinda runs out a little too, then goes down, then promptly dies, if I don't flutter the gas.

on adjusting the little screw on the side, somebody clue me in as to what this screw is.. Is it the mixture screw, to lean it out, air/fuel, etc? I have seen about adjusting some kinda clips too.. what is that? I don't want to mess with jets. I got my wireless bike computer on it, set it for the front wheel (OCC chopper, 24inch), and it goes 25-26 max speed with my big butt on it and the engine not workin to hard so I will leave that alone.

My next build, I am considering a jackshaft, gear cluster, tuned pipe, etc. That build will take a little bit of money. I got a perfect condition OCC to put that on.

Thanks for the input.
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