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Default First build preparation and planning.

So, I plan on doing my first build within a month or so and, at this point, I'm still in the stage where I am figuring out exactly what bike and parts to purchase. I will be building a cruiser type motorized bicycle with most likely a 2-stroke engine. But I have a lot of questions and concerns that I feel i should cover way before the build process. First I'd like to tell you roughly what I have planned, then my concerns.

The bike I'm most interested in using is the Schwinn Del Mar cruiser. I like its look, design and the fact that it already has a rear rack.
I'm going to use a 2-stroke 80/66cc engine, although I'm not exactly certain which engine to go with.
I also would like to add a v-brake, switch to a springer fork and add some lights.

Now, some of my concerns are as follows:
1) The Del Mar is my current bike of choice, but so far, I have yet to find it available to be ordered online, Wal-Mart has it on their website at a great price but they're out of stock or something. Does anyone know another place I can find one?
2) Aside from what is included in standard engine kits, exactly what other parts would I need to purchase in order to get the engine complete and up and running?
3) I don't completely know the difference between using a 2 or 4 stroke engine. Could anyone possibly list some pro's and con's?
4) If I were to use a bike with multiple speeds (such as the Schwinn Riverside) is there any way that I could build the motor to take advantage of the multiple speeds? I'm just curious, really.
5) I know theres more i was wondering about, but at the moment I'm drawing a blank :P

Well thats it for now, I'd greatly appreciate some help as I need to make up my mind already, can't wait to start cruisin'

Thanks guys
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