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Default Re: Clutch Screw Base

Originally Posted by Kevron99 View Post
The dealer ( had just got back to me.

I was amazed that my engine a Grubee 50cc GEN II-A the stantion is built in into the engine. If you notice on the pics that there was a small hole to hold the cable housing and for the cable wire to go through it. Also I was informed that the intake that comes with it is slightly bigger in diameter (22mm) coming from the intake and then tapers down to 19mm to hold the carbs. This is one of the enhancement of the engine. I will now check the intake cylinder hole size and see if there is a difference from the other engine hat I have (Grubee Skyhawk GT5). By looking at both engines I think that the starfire gen ii-a engine has a slightly bigger intake and exhaust than Skyhawk GT5.

Notice also that the clutch arm is longer and wraps around all the way when lever is pulled or clutch dis engage. This is a really fine engine. For the price that I paid is really worth it.

Check out the built in clutch cable stop and the slightly bigger intake. Really worth it!

Yup,...absolutely right!
I just measure the ports (intake and exhaust) the Starfire Engine GEN-II A chrome (50cc) Slant Head has a bigger ports than the Skyhawk GT5 66 cc.

I am really excited to test this engine!!
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