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Default Re: Got Motor In ... Woo Hoo !!!!!

well i got it done in a few hours more or less... (probley more ) any way got to get it out of bedroom and go outside and gas the first bike i built and try it out .... man i forgot what a feeling it is to ride some thing im proud of .... felt like my first car again .... got a cpl trips up and down road before loosing my chain... (went slow jus for something to break) put it back on made another trip and lost it again as i was putting it on i saw master link fall to road.... ugggg oh well peddled it back home still holding my head high as wife and daughter was grinning as i pulled it .... got to work on getting chain alligned with motor better and get it addjusted better think i can get it in a straight shot .... dont really like the tensionor on it ... any way its nice to have something i can work on whne i want to now ,,,, instead of some thing i have to .... got a lot of hepl on this site and again thanx guys.... any suggestions on best wat to get chan alligned best?
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