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Default Island Hopper Dilemma

For about 5 years i have owned an island hopper folding motorized bike.i have surely enjoided .Of course there were little vizits to the local lawnmore shops but 6 month ago the chain, #25 chain was
just very loose and eventually i took the lock out and the chain came off.To me it seemed that this chain was too thin combined with my 220 lb,so I started a quest to try to icrease chain size to #41
which of course demands new sprockets and chain .after trolling the internet the best i could do i found the transmission sprocket in size #35 but even that wouldnt fit because the six splines in the
sprocket have different dimmensions.Last week I beed on EBAY for aWindjammer that started at $50
Ididnt get it so now ihave to fix glad that by joining ifound that this HOOT TRANSMISSION would
fit well in a rubin subaru EHO35. Till we met again!
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