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Default Re: whos running the cns carb? who wants jim to make us offset intakes? POST!

Doesn't the CNS have a port already several milimeters larger, and then it also has an adapter to narrow it back down to fit a regular intake or billet? That's what Spooky describes, and then recommends boring the ports on the motor, which is already larger than the intakes. So then the intake is still smaller, offset, billet or not.

Wouldn't a very short billet already made to that large unadapted CNS port size be best, to take advantage of the carbs larger ports without an adapter? How much lack of clearance is there now with a normal cruiser frame and the CNS?

When I lowered the carb with the billet, the stock cleaner barely fits, with a twist putting it on. But the performance is noticeably better, even with the old standard carb. Still haven't yet tried the new NTS 66, but have one ready.

Yes, I think the CNS has gone down in price and I saw one around christmas on BGF. The were $68 or more last summer, and more scarce, then a couple of places for about $50. I think they are probably good carbs, but the clearance issue might be too much for a lot of novices.

I can't say enough about how I like the billet intake for the small cost, and I'm almost thinking the NTS carb isn't that necessary now. I put the billet on and tested just before the cold snap- to test each new part independently. I'll still put the NTS 66 on, but I'm very happy with them now and don't regret not getting the CNS. This thing runs well now, and the pipe is quiet too, more than I expected..
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