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I'm going to start adding a little castor oil, and may experiment with some kerosene too, to fight carbon. My majority of 2 cycle experience comes from chainsaws from my logging days. Guys used to run some kerosene in the mix to keep the carbon and gum out, I just don't recall castor. Maybe senile... Of course, there were no synthetics then. The notion of no smoke from a 2 cycle? That used to mean you forgot to put oil in and that thought usually came to you about 30 seconds before you were hiking back to the crummy carrying your dead saw to fetch your back-up saw, and cussing what you'd be doing that weekend instead of fishing - rebuilding the saw! Normally, especially under load, and more especially if you were using a little kerosene, there was SMOKE!

Anyway, are folks successfully running 'no smoke' bike engines on the new synthetics lke Opti? I'm sure my neighbors nd the greenies around town would be happier.

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