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Ok, I just completed my motorized bicycle with aHF 52cc water pump engine. So afyter reading all the posts on this greatest thing since high button shoes oil I decided to use opti2 oil. I bought 2 packets. One packet says, one packet per one gal. I added just a little from 2nd packet so I figure I am running abt 70-1 per gal. I thought a little extra for a brand new never run engine would not hurt. It smokes slightly but I attribute that to new engine, rings need to seat. I am by no means a mechanic!!!. I only took it for a short spin, abt 4 miles, Alittle cool here in Pa. I am however taking the bike along to FLa. and ride. I will be back in about a month and report back here a update. So far it ran great. So brand new engine with opti2, we will see. Pat
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