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Default Re: losing power at high rpm

All of this sounds so much like the fuel starvation issues I've had with my Schwinn, can ride all day at 3/4 throttle - but at WOT (and at speed) it would go great then do exactly the same as described above (recovering after a few moments after backing of throttle). I checked the entire fuel system for good flow (cap venting, petcock and filter, inlet on carb) - then bent the float tabs up as far as they'd go and still be able to shut off flow when the bowl was full (that carb is at a pretty steep angle so there's not much adj to the float I can do).

That worked great and fixed the problem right up, I could ride all day at WOT without a problem till I switched carbs to the newer style - for the life of me I can't get the new one dialed in (same starvation problem) so I switched back.

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