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Default Re: E85 anyone?

I don't see why you wouldn't run it other than the fact that it has less power on e85, which I guess is why you mentioned raising the compression on the four stroke. Is there a better reason than lack of power? Can't you up the compression on the two strokes as well? We have tons of e85 here in MN and somebody has to use it. I would like to be one of those people. I have ran three full tanks of e85 through my 2001 ford focus without issue. Everything I've read says the focus engine management though not intended to run e85 is flexible enough to handle it. The car has 241,000 miles so I don't care if it blows up but it's worked fine so far.

If you could, where do you get jets 20% bigger? and how do you know your at 20% bigger. I'm still on a learning curve here. How long have you ran e85 and just on a standard Chinese motor right? Thanks for the info, at least I know it can be done.
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