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Default Re: countershaft sprocket options

shoulda got the 36tooth sprocket....44 is too slow and has plenty of low pulling power. got my bike engine installed finally with not much help from the kit i should add. discarded alot of the hardware the kit came the cheezy throttle grip assy that broke b4 i even put it on!!! i drilled and tapped the clutch cover holes to 1/4-20 and put in nice stainless fasteners,etc...modified the chain tensioner and will make it even better soon. i believe i have found a new Dell'Orto carb at work and plan to install it asap.....will be very tuneable. then i plan on shaving the (milling) head some and do some porting work. now if it only had four more gears...!!! still breaking in in the chain and sprockets and clutch too. too bad its not a wet clutch system as i wonder how long the primary gears can last and they sure are noisy. leaving now to search for a rear sprocket online...Kings maybe or spookytooth perhaps
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