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Default Re: To all of those that have drilled their own jets

unfortunetly my carb doesnt have the needle valve i have a dellortoto sha 16.16 i believe and the only way to control the flow of the gas is threw the size of the jet, other than that i figured out my problem or at least wut i think was the problem, about 3 weeks prior to this incident i bought a Flow and Go wich you hook up to your gas can and you can pump gas into your bike instead of having to lift the can use a funnel and all the fun stuff its alot easier, problem was it siphens gas from the bottom of the canister (4 gallon tank) and i had done my mix when i installed this thing and havent bothered moving the can never mind shaking it so my guess is when i filled up for my long trip i sucked more oil than i should have as maybe the gas/oil mixture had seperated a bit and being full throtle for about 25mph or so i guess alot of the oil sat in the crankcase and eventually soaked the plug and i had no spark that is the only theory i could come up with as there was nothing wrong with the air/fuel mixture or ignition it just simply died and refused to fire back up but was fine after taking out the plug, airing out the motor and cleaning the plug, amyone else ever experience such problem???

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