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"16:1" oil mix ratio isn't correct - it's generally assumed that the reason that's recommended in the so-called "instructions" included with these kits is because in China they may not have the access to the high-quality 2stroke oils we have here and may well just be mixing with low-grade motor oil... or fish oil for all we know.

I think this whole "need heavy mix for break-in" isn't true for these sloppy Chinese engines. For a brand new high-quality engine where the tolerances are SO tight as to cause excessive friction during the initial run-in, I would defo run a heavier mix... but for the lil HTs I seriously doubt it's needful. Still - it may be better to err on the side of caution... a reasonable amount of caution that is lol

From everything I've tried with my own and everything I've read here on the forum, I really do think the best bet is to simply follow the recommended mix ratio the manufacturer of the oil recommends and just make sure it's a quality one.

Should it give ya the heebie-jeebies, just add a touch more to the mix - whatever you choose to do you should defo check the plug color and peer into the cylinder and check for carbon buildup on the piston from time to time.

Works fer me (50:1 with 50:1 synthetic Amsoil 'Injector')

edit: oh and BTW, you may know this but 'Quicksilver' brand is just another oil but "certified" by Mercury for marine use in their outboards... yer payin' extra for that spiffy "certification" and the privilege of being allowed to run it without voiding the warranty on an outboard you prolly haven't got

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