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Default Re: Shift kit and deraileur gears

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I suppose you've prolly thought of this - but have ya checked sprocket alignment? I was just thinkin' if it's too far out and/or your real axle isn't straight, that would explain the twist to the teeth you described and I'd imagine they wouldn't have much strength laterally so that'd break 'em... but I'm just guessin' here *shrug*

What brand cassette is it Maxvision? Mebbe it's a bad 'un?
Ya know what...alignment just might be the cause. I changed my rear innertube from a flat the other day, forgot to tighten the axel nuts, went for a short ride and...well, you can figure out the rest. Wheel didn't come off but it sure came out of alignment... Was just about the same angle and the teeth on my gears are now.

Thanks for the post BarelyAWake

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