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Default Re: does anyone know different types of mufflers

If you have access to welding equipment or are willing to pay to have it done - the possibilities are limitless, it'd be a simple matter of finding any muffler/silencer you like (pocket bikes are a great, cheap source) or just usin' the stock one and bending pipe to suit.

If you don't have that access, there's the "poo-poo" pipe ( but those often need to be "customized" to fit - and that sometimes involves welding too.

I prefer an expansion chamber system for the performance gain, it's a bonus that they're usually significantly longer too lol so like all things it depends on yer budget/style/fabrication skills.

I know ya said you were lookin' to make somethin' but I have this on my bike and I really like it;

Sick Bike Parts
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