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Welcome harvey. I ride MC's too, but there is just something bout' thees lil MB's that put a grin on yer face. Once you build one, you'll want to build more. I bought my first motor kit in October. Wanted to put it on my K2 MTB, but just didn't think it would work, so ended up going to Kmart and gettin a schwinn riverside.Built that, and was riding when my friend decided it looked fun so he purchased a kit, and we ended up putting it on a lil tiny 20 in lowrider. I was convinced that I could put a motor on my K2 now, so had to buy another kit. I gotta say that was by far the easiest build I have done,lol. Now I have another kit, and I am looking for a cool road bike. This hobby seems hard and confusing at first if you don't know much about motors. I know I was real overwhelmed at first, but after installing a kit, and reading around this site, you'll be tearin your motor down, makin it faster. Good luck on your build.
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