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Default Re: sproket wobble

ah...heres a potential issue:
is your sprocket dished, with narrow teeth? if so, then the wobble something you can correct.
IF NOT...then you have a stamped sprocket, flat on both sides? wide teeth?

those stamped-out ones are CRAP. imagine holding a frisbee with both hands, then twist each hand in opposite directions. WARP!
ive taken every single stamped one and lain it on a flat surface. every single one has been warped. no matter how perfect you try to get them, it will never be right.
does this sound familiar?.....chain binds up and gets tight on half the wheel turn, and jumps off on the other turn?
two options:
1. grind the sides of the teeth down. alot.
2. get a dished sprocket.
good luck. i know its frustrating.
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