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Default Re: Shift kit and deraileur gears

Originally Posted by Cannonfish View Post
How long have you been riding on that cassette and chain? I don't know how much extra wear the shift kit places on those components, but I used to tear up cassettes and chains on my human-powered (no engine) mountain bike every 500 miles or so. Just from grit and crap in the chain, I figured.

How often do you clean and lube your chain and sprockets?

I'm definitely curious to hear more about this, since I'm still in the middle of a shift-kit install on my bike right now.
Oh, I've driven maybe 150 miles since I put on the shift kit. I keep the chain well lubed and dirt hasn't really accumulated on the gears. The problem is not the gears wearing like normal wear and tear. The teeth are actually twisting so they look more like turbine fans than gears.

The chain on a stretch cruiser is quite long and it bounces alot when I ride. I'm guessing the chain is traveling through the deraileur faster than the spring is able to return tension when it bounces and that's what's causing it to skip teeth. I think I'm going to try to find a way to beef up the springs to accomodate the extra weight of the chain and see if that helps. Or...maybe just dump the whole deraileur and get a 3 speed hub even though I've heard of them turning to mush on a motorized bike.

Was just hoping someone else came across this problem and found a way to rectify it.

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