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Default Re: Thoughts on centrifugal & pull start

Originally Posted by Cannonfish View Post
Oops you also asked about advantages to pull-starters and centrifugal clutches...

The pull-starter would allow you to crank the engine more easily in cold weather (you can crank it and then go back inside to let the engine warm up without having to pedal around). That's the reason I bought one. I'll probably take it off again when it warms up in a few months (*IF* it ever gets warm outside again).

I don't have a centrifugal clutch, but from what I understand, it allows you to pay less attention to your clutch lever. For example, when you slow down to a stop, you wouldn't need to pull in the clutch in order to keep the engine from stalling.
This is exactly why I will be needing a pull start and cent for all the stops around my city..Witch reminds me,the other night I was riding having some fun in the snow storm bout' 8 inches of snow down a mile long icy snowy trail all went good until I slid and the motor shut off..Let me tell ya its no fun trying to start a single speed up in that much snow!

From what I've heard you need approx. 1 1/2 clearance on each side due to the crank? I have a 3 piece crankset right now but my crank arms stick out far enough witch might just give me enough clearance.. Thanks for the input Cannon.
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