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Originally Posted by HBfisherman View Post
Alright, someone please recommend a motor and a place to get it from. Im tired of looking and cant seem to find out whats diffrent from this company and that company. I want to place an order before noon time here so hopefully it ships out today. I am looking for a motor that will fit my bike and I want it in black. I can't seem to find out if these kits come with adapters to will mount to my bike. I need expert help!


Whats your down tube diameter? Grubees have a 1.25" front mount and Pk's have a 1.55 inch front mount. Pk's have more power but proper fitment is first and foremost. Extra power does no good if its not harnessed properly. If a grubee fits get that one and then do some mods for the extra pony's. If a Pk fits get that. Whatever you do don't use the supplied large frame adapter and drill your frame like the grubee kit recommends you to do.

Hope this helps.
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