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Originally Posted by Spring Break '92 View Post
He advertises better quality parts than the other kits. That is the main selling point for me. I have done research here and found out that the 80cc bangers are really 66/67cc's. Is it really worth getting one or just go with a 49cc?
I would go with 67cc.

Here's the deal....I think in some ways out of the box the 49cc runs better than the 67cc. They are both junky out of the box, so why the difference? The only reason is that the carb, manifold, exhaust are the same for both therefore the 49cc can breath better and rev better. But the larger engine has more potential. I discovered that potential by simply porting the engine....opening up and manifolds, getting an expansion pipe.....the bike will now do 30 mph at 1/2 throttle.
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