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Default Re: bike's performance has changed

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Your plug may be causing your problems. I would say that since your weedwacker engine is small, a change in humidity and/or temp will make it operate a little differently.

Remember, hotter, more humid air has less oxygen in it so it will actually make you engine run richer.
Its the china bike and come to think of in addition to that the air is full of smoke from a forest fire down east. I am going to check the plug but it might not be anything at all but weather conditions.

the whacker over heated for sure. I have a lot of things set up wrong. The drive wheel is too big and the spring tension is too much I think. The drive can't skip so it is heating the engine. Even though the throttle moves nothing changes. I am pretty sure I have stressed the engine.

If i lift the engine with the scientific clutch rod(lol) the engine races so I'm pretty sure I have over stressed it.
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