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Default converting 7 speed schiwn riverside to single speed, need help

hi all i broke my rear derailer/ gear selecter when i wiped out on my bike (befor i put the motor on) so now i have it removed and just have the chain coming from the pedal sprocket to the 4th gear on the rear gear cluster? im trying to figure out how to convert it to single speed in the cheapest way. right now my chain is super tight as the tensioner and gear selecter is removed, as it is broken. so now when im using the motor the pedals like to move a little bit, not much but it is annoying, i think it has somthing to do with how tight my bike chain is?, which is causing the freewheels to be too tight? so please throw me some suggestions/ links i dunno if it has a casset freewheel or threaded. agian its a schiwn riverside
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