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Talking Motorized Bicycles ARE For Me! Vid&Pics! Float Prob Still

Ok for all of you who saw my post >>motorized bicycles NOT For Me, motorized bicycle for sale! Mann, do I have news for you!

So upon arrival back to Big D from Phoenix I of course went back into fixin' the old cruiser. This time I didnt fail! kinda lol I've needed to do much maintenance on it so I did. for example; I cleaned & soldered the connections going from the engine to the CDI Module. Then I fixed my brakes! I actually have fully working brakes now! then tightened and lubed it all up and wa la i can't take it for a spin

Not yet at least. before I left to go AZ it out i took the bike for a run with my cork & all seal Homemade float 2nd one hard and long to make then I heard what no MBicylist wants to here BOGGING i slowly came to a stop. Went home put it away out of frustration and went to AZ to see family for christmas.

Well as stated above i did some overhauling and it's a work of art. Although when i took it for another run before i did the wrk on it I looked at my homemade float it was TOAST! Ow well it worked for a couple weeks at least so i found my old white plastic stock float and put her in and went off awesomely for awhile until BOG BOG BOG so i was done in other words.

Went online to see if there was such a thing as a 2 cycle carb that has no FLOAT No avail. So I jus typed in carb float and found something rather interesting a float that looks almost identical if not even better than the originals! NO DIMENSIONS ANYWHERE THOUGH so i jus went ahead and spent the $10 bucks and got it. It appears to be made out of Brass and its from a carb called a: Oregon Replacement Part CARBURETOR, FLOAT BOWL # 49-235 Oregon Replacement Part CARBURETOR, FLOAT BOWL # 49-235

It looks perfect BUT dimensions are unknown at this time.
If this works this could help ALOT of people like me that are still having float problems!!!!!!

BTW here is a Video on youtube of my longhorn6's motorized bicycle!!! LMK what u guys think!
there are also some pics in the video:

YouTube - Motorized Schwinn '09 Jaguar 66cc

thanks again everyone!

Joe or longhorn6
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