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Default Re: new here.. whats up every1

Originally Posted by obd1kenobi View Post
hello all! I am new to the site, but not so new to motor bicycling. I built my bike 2 1/2 years ago, when there really wasn't any cool upgrades, or hub adapters, or anything like that. Well maybe there was, and I just didn't search hard enough. Well, I found this site, and I'm ready to build another one! Right now I have a Huffy Sixty Sixer from, I'm guessing early 80's. Its made in USA, and looks good for it's age. I slapped on the 80cc motor kit, and rode it everywhere! I was the only person I ever saw, talked to,or heard about in Chicago for a while. My friend just joined the site, and is building a custom bike as well now. The CPD stopped me a few times and they're like " Where did you get that? How fast does that thing go? Thats cool..." Never hassled me, and I guess appreciated the fact that I had something unique... I will post pics.

My new build is going to be a North Woods Ridge Dale Cruiser. I am planning on using both Manic Mechanic Hub Adapter+ Sprocket, as well as his Engine Mounts. His design, and final product is just simply amazing. Nothing compares (in my opinion). Well, enough for now, time for sleep.
whats up and welcome ill start by saying i love chicago 15 yrs ago i was born and raised in rockford (rockbottom) place turned to **** and motorized bicycles are legal there you need nothing i wish jersey was like that any ways peace have a good 1 and i hear manic is closing shop you better move fast if you wand hub adapters later !!!
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