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Default Re: good score at the dump

i have absolutely no problem garbage pickin , its amazing how much brand new stuff get put on the curb . a lot of the times i,ll see brand new kids trikes , or the one that really makes my blood boil ( the plastic little tykes stuff - verry expensive and near indestructable ) i,ll throw it in the van and take it to the salvation army store myself . that little tykes stuff never sits more than a few days . and theres always someone with little kids that can,t afford that stuff new .

it really is a shame , the stuff people throw out , rather than put it on the front lawn with a free sign , and maybey theres just a few too many people who are too good to be seen anywhere near a salvation army store .

my local dump has an area where they collect bicycles , i delieve they send the good ones to 3rd world countries and scrap steel the rest
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