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Default Re: good score at the dump

You guys are lucky to have a landfill that seperates the trash and garbage etc. When I was a kid the trash landfill was the (THE) place to go for old or used bikes etc. That was back in a time when garbage was seperated from trash . The trash went to the landfill and the garbage was composted.Then they quit seperation and it all went to landfill. Then disposible diapers were added to the mix. With the addition of human waste the place quickly became dangerous.with the addition of the garbage rats came by the thousands and then the diapers brought desease. Then the system was closed to the public.It was a shame cause all the recycling we did as kids stoped. Now I believe they have started to seperate again and recycling is a big thing in most large systems. Hopefully some of the large city systems will reopen to the public if they havent already..........I'm 58 years old and the dump was an adventure when I was a kid and I looked forward to dump runns with dad cause I allways came home with treasures.....Tom
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