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Default Re: To all of those that have drilled their own jets

srry for the missunderstanding i came home that night took the plug out stuck a propane torch in the cyclinder to burn averything out and also used it to dry the plug put the plug back in and it didint work but then i tried it again but this time made the plug gap very small i mean so small u can hardly call it a gap and it fired right up and it ran,it still ran today i rode it to work and back but it runs like a heap of s*hit i guess i should try to make the gap bigger again c if shel run, ohh and it back fires alot although ive come to the conclusion that i havent blown threw the solder in the jet as i still need to use the choke to start the bike were as before i soldered and redrilled the jet smaller i wouldnt have to cuz it ran so rich so im leaning toward the coil but now im wondering can the coil all of a sudden get weak but still work i thought they either work or they dont???

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