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Default Re: top speed?

It's not so much that we want to just "block" any thread that makes a reference to speeds - after all it IS one of the major thoughts that occupy almost any gearhead... It's just that every time it's brought up someone insists on making outlandish, unsubstantiated claims and/or wild "guesstimates" based on armchair engineering alone and when disputed - gets irate. Then the drama starts on all fronts and we gotta shut it down.

While it's not possible to prevent people from posting such, nor fair to ban anyone for it - if we could manage to just ignore it or politely request some actual proof of any claim significantly outside the norm then we could actually keep the discussion going.

Most folks would proudly show proof if their speed is even a little higher than normal and it's pretty obvious to all who actually ride these things what "normal" is. With these machines major advancements are still often measured in fractions of miles per hour - a couple at most. If you call them out for proof yet remain civil, then they freak out and act the jerk - then we can clearly see who's in the wrong and take action.

I've often wished such threads could survive - we've quite a few skilled members whose input would be invaluable, even if it's a mere 2mph gain.
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