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Default Re: another new guy here from idaho

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I'm not the biggest fan of coaster brakes TBH so I've not had to deal with a sprocket installation - but from what I've seen it's a simple matter of removing the arm and bending it slightly to clear. Having said that - I would heartily recommend Jim's sprocket adapter to save you the ongoing headache of sprocket misalignment and the problems associated with it.

I'm not entirely sure why you think it needful to change out your front sprocket & chain tho... Are you referring to the bike's or the engine's sprockets? Are you going for a shiftkit/jackshaft? Or are they just old?

Good ta have ya on the forum in any case, welcome to ya
O so if you use jims hub adapter with a coaster brake, then there should be no problems? If that is the case I plan to order another one anyways. And my bad I forgot about the fourth build, which was a coaster brake, but no problems.
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