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Default Re: Quiet Needed!! Loud expansion chamber PIPE

I took the entire pipe off and drilled the cover off the silencer, removed the tiny amount of glass packing and filled it with steel wool....unrolled the pad and rolled it around the holey pipe (one pad fit perfect!). Used a couple screws to put it back together (didn't have enough of the right size)....trial run Also I measured the pipe sizes and stuff for future ideas.

Then I expanded the copper fittings on the header side, cleaned them up and put them tightly together with some exhaust system sealant goop.

Oh also I raised my bracket up a bit to bring the pipe up. Looks like I "wanna go pro"

Lastly I put a 1/2 copper elbow on the output pointing down - to muffle and reflect the sound down rather than straight out. The fitting fit nice and tight.

Will try it today as sealant goop is best dried overnight.
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