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Default To all of those that have drilled their own jets

my bike left me stranded on a 30mph+ trip luckly i was on my way home and about 7mph to go when i creeped up to the lights and with no heads up the pig jus died, of course dreading the long peddle home i must have peddle maybe 1/3 of a mile with the engine engaged hoping it would start, tried all the trick a bit of throtle no throtle choke on/off(cant put it in the midle its a delloroto and just snaps closed or open) with no such luck after about 3 mph of peddling dead tired at this point my buddies happen to drive by and saw me realized i dont normaly peddle so they pulled over and gave me a lift, when i got home i took out the plug wich was soaked check for spark wich was there I dried out the engine and plug put it back in tried to fire it up and nothing, i took out the plug again it was soaked so i decided to make the gap very small and succes the bike fired up although the whole exhaust system (sbp piep in the down position) smoked like a chimeney and it was backfiring shooting flames out the tail pipe like crayze im asuming this is becouse of a possible puddle of gas inside the expansion chamber now finally my question is...... is it possible the gas has eaten threw the solder in the jet ( i soldered and redrilled my jet) gave out and im running really really rich or could of my cdi have possibly lost some power but not completly die ??? has anyone had such issues with their bike that have had the jets soldered and redrilled, the bike ran perfect for the last 2 months and even on this trip it ran great untill it died and wouldnt fire back up

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