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Default Re: Engine top end rebuild and an engine stand

Originally Posted by CRUISER View Post
very nicely done norman. gonna tear down my engine when i get back from hawaii and rebuild it. one quick question. any special grease you recomend? also what kind of oil on piston and cyclinder? i want to make my motorized bicycle purr like a kitten
Use what you have for grease a good auto grease works for me. The oil I used to assemble the engine was penz 10w/30 I think its been in the engine assembly can for a while might even be a syn. Don't know for sure oil is important no oil is a disaster looking for a place to happen. you could use the mermix oil but I'd most likely use engine oil and weight / grade to me is not important if I'm building and starting it the same day or in a day or two. For longer storage there is an assembly lube to use but I don't have any on my shelves so I use plain engine oil.
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