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Default Re: Engine top end rebuild and an engine stand

Grease the other side it will help hold the ball and short rod in place. I don't know if you noticed or not but I don't like to work on shlty things I have to at work but not here I've been so greasy and oily I could wring out my underwear form rolling in oil and grease while doing an industrial engine/compressor, so I take the time to clean stuff up.

something I forgot a light sanding on the engine mounts helps to smooth them out, knocks off any rough raised areas that will later wear down and cause your engine to jump ship. doing the front mount. emery cloth and frame tube of proper size well its kind of close to the right size.

rear mount getting it as well and I hate sanding ask me about building a composite airplane what a sanding contest that was 2years of it and I quit and stuck my homemade engine on it and been flying it since 1985 and still works and hasn't killed me YET got some skid marks in the shorts tho form some of my festivity's

the end hope this helps and doesn't confuse you more if it does don't work on an engine take it to someone who can. Naw! Jump in there and get NASTY.

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