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Cool Re: Simple request

Hello Walter, Saddletramp here, their are three types of car drivers you have to deal with. The ones who drive with their head in another place, most likely just below their belt line, those that see you and don't care, and those that wish to make you a hood ornament. If you ride with that in mind you should be just fine. Don't be to proud to use a driveway to get out of their path, Front yards with thick soft grass are just fine. Females are more of a threat than males. DON'T take nothing for granted! If you read my web blog last night you might have read Biker Wizdom. It's for bike riders of all kinds. I have not had time to ask the big dogs here about passing the info to our members yet as I haven't had time. If I can help, I will sure try. Tramp
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