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Default Re: Hi...I'm the biggest newbie alive

Welcome to the forum DirtKid... we'd love to help and prolly can so a certain extent - but yer best bet is to find out what make/model/year yer mini bike is and google up some info specific to it. While a lot of the general theory is the same, all motors are slightly different and as we're geared towards motorized bicycles - we're not gonna be able to easily help you with specific parts replacement and known issues beyond the basics.

Havin' said that - we can clear some things up right off lol, it's two or four stroke and that refers to the number of times the piston moves up and down per ignition. A four stroke has more moving parts like valves and stuff - a two stroke while simpler, needs oil mixed in with the gas (tip of the iceberg lol, but a good start). There's no way for us to guess which it is ("minibike" could be anything heh) and they're completely different animals needing completely different care and maintenance.

Still - once ya get the thing and can show some pics there outa be more we can help with. Generally speakin' minibikes are really simple so it'll be great to learn on. They're a blast to ride too ofc lol
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