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Default Re: 3 Piece Wide Crank??

I can see where the chopper crank would also require the sprocket to be out as well. Seems like the offset in the crank is the way to go if available. Actually I really like the OEM sprocket. It is self shielding and very clean looking. I had already thought of the old trick of a rubber band on a long pant leg to keep it out of the chain. Shorts eliminate the problem around 7 months a year here. Our kids wore shorts all winter long when they were in school. Don't think that will work for me. )

Revolution was an early attraction being so close, but fortunately I read enough to go to Florida for my kit.

Thanks guys for the suggestions. Will welcome any more anyone comes up with. Really looking forward to actually riding past a few gas stations. The canal system here offer bike trail shortcuts cars and others would die for. )

Easy does it, but do it!
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