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Default Re: 4 stroking motor?

Originally Posted by bluenosegoat View Post
I lowered the needle on both engines and wow what a difference! They both came alive! Still a little 4 stroking at the very top end but both are reving out far more than they were. Gonna run a few tanks of fuel through them now before I do any more carb adjustments. I will check the plug to make sure I'm not to lean. I will read up on rejetting incase I want to try that after break in. Do you have to replace the needle also after you solder and drill? where do you get the needles if you have to replace them?
Nah you shouldnt have to replace the needle, run a few more tanks through it as it may cure itself, forget the 16:1 thats way to much oil try 25ish:1 and 32ish :1 when broken in.
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