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Default re: Manic Mechanic isn't closing shop

I rather doubt that the products Jim makes for us will pay for even the depreciation on the equipment.

I got a sprocket and hub adapter. What a great product. I paid less than $60 for both including shipping. I am sure a profitable shop making the same items would need 3 to 4 times that amount and then only break even.

Consider the overhead for light and power, R&D time, machine investment, labor, taxes (self employment, SS, etc.) scrap from production, raw material costs, tool sharpening and replacement. It goes on and on.

He developed his items and obviously to me did not try to recover all that time and material. That won't pay the bills.

Love of an endeavor and making a living are two different things. We (I) could not afford his items if they were priced commercially. He may be taking orders for material he has on hand while trying to find a real source of income. Manufacturing is very soft these days. Independent shops are hurting. When the economy is slow, the manufacture can afford to wait 6 weeks for components to arrive from the Peoples Republic of ???.

I feel very fortunate that I am semi-retired and everything is paid for. Some of our grand kids are just getting out of college and are going to have a rough time getting a job to repay their college loans plus start families.

Those are the facts as I see them. I could be wrong. I have been before.

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