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Default 4 stroking motor?

I am getting a little more used to these engines and I've noticed on my 61 cc at certain times through the throttle posistion the engine comes to life- what I assume is when it is really running like a 2 stroke-cleaner tighter sound, less vibration, and definatly more power! My engine is still being broken in with only one gallon of fuel ran through it so far. I just filled up again and changed the mix to about 26-1. 10 oz of valvoline oil (2stroke of course) to 2 gallons of fuel. I was running at 16-1.Waiting to ride today. The engine does not smoke and the plug seems a nice slightly dark tan color (ngkb6). It progressivly seems to 4 stroke less and less.
My problem is with the new 49cc kit I installed last night on my sons bike. It has the new nt carb and slant head. It does nothing but 4 stroke! I will replace the spark plug today but when i changed it on my 61 I noticed no difference at all so I'm not expecting that to help. The engine will not accelerate under load-riding it. Seems to idle well and when staionary revs out well but will not 2 stroke. Should I just run it for awhile to break it in a bit or start messing with the needle? It also smokes a bit where as the 61 never did. Could it be the oil in it from manufacturing? The engine is such a tight fit I have to remove it to get to the slide on carb (had to drill a hole through the frame to route the throttle cable, steel frame so should be okay?). Just a hassle to get to. Maybe I will get new screws to mount the carb instead of the stud and nut-I dont know how they ever got those nuts on or how I will get them off. It would be alot easier to remove the carb for adjustment than the whole engine!
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