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I can't believe I read all that! Castor is the old school favorite! Have to clean the carbon out from time to time. Run motul in my Vespa, works great. I may sit on the fence on this 100:1 oil, for now.
What about Graphite as an additive? A chemist that i know that worked for ARCO back in the late 70S was testing their new graphite oil . They would run an engine for weeks and test the oil after . One day they decided to let an engine run after it was drained. It ran for many hours before any sign of seizing. However; the oil would find any little opening and leak where 10W40 would not. and this leaking was the reason the co gave for not bringing this oil to market. I have been putting Dry Graphite in my cars with each oil change for years with no bad problems.
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