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Default Re: 3 Piece Wide Crank??

Originally Posted by jimraysr View Post
I am building a Honda / GruBee on a new Schwinn Searcher. It has enough frame space for the engine and mount, BUT the crank bearings are around 1 1/2" and I don't think the one piece crank in the kit will go in the bearing case.

I have seen wide 3 piece cranks pictured in other kits, but have not found them available as a separate item.

Has anyone had any luck in finding a wide 3 piece crank?

Thanks, Jim

I would contact the the folks you have seen selling the kits with the wide 3-piece cranks and ask if they will sell you a set. I did this several months ago and a couple of them said they would sell a set of cranks. I didn't end up making the purchase though as I've decide to modify my existing crankset. The problem with both solutions mentioned above is will they get you wide enough? The engine & gearbox measure in at 9.5-10 inches wide. The longer BB spindle will probably be to short and it will also push the standard crank sprocket out to far causing chainline problems for the pedal drive.

Revolution Cycles has a pair of wide 3-piece cranks they are offering but they seem really mickey mouse to me as they use old school cotter pins to secure them to the BB spindle. And then there is the problems that many people in have had with the seller. His reputation is not good. Buyer Beware!

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