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Default Re: what in your road kit

Originally Posted by MotorbikeMike View Post
Hi guys, I will now offer a COMPLETELY different approach to this concept. Your Toolkit should contain EVERYTHING you need to be able to service your bike while on the road.

I recently rode the Whiz-In near Fresno CA, 65 miles of mixed roads, including some scenic winding country roads outside of town over a river with a one-lane bridge!

Others broke down along the way, but my OHV Whizzer roared along with no problems, Everytime I passed anyone on the side I'd holler out "Need Tools"?

Your tool kit should contain, for the most part, EVERY tool that it takes to service the entirety of your bike.

After the ride, a few weeks later, I tore down 09 with the tools that were in that kit, save the fact that I needed a deadblow mallet (I can't remember what for, oohhh yes, to pop the stem loose) and a 12 inch crescent wrench, as I needed to remove the headset and crankset, the mallet was also usefull to drive out all the races as she went to powder bare-steel!

I did not carry spare parts, as the bike was new, and only had about 7 miles on it before the big ride!
Spare parts are a completely different matter, and I don't want to get into that, especially considering my parts would be different than yours.

How to assemble your toolkit? I go thru the bike, and make sure that every fastener on the bike has a PROPER tool to loosen and tighten it. Every allen, nut, bolt, the pedals etc!
You SHOULD carry a chain breaker, and an extra masterlink.

Then, pliers, a bit of baling wire, a few zip-ties, some tape, a crescent wrench, I carry a 6-way screwdriver, IF you need a socket, then carry a ratchet!

See if I am right?


AMEN my brother!!!!
I replied similarly in previous toolbox thread. My small-ish Camelback has enough water for hours and hours of hard pedalling (not motoring) plus every tool and common part I need....and it's not in a lumbering pack either...unless you're used to carrying nothing at all ever ever.

Of course, the ubiquitous multi-tool. Make sure you've got a large enough allen for cranks.
LED flashlight (small but powerful).
Compass/Whistle/Thermometer combo.
Chain lube.
About 5 inches of spare chain and corresponding chain breaker.
Schrader-valve-adaptor for the one geek in the group who uses Presta valves and is unable to air up at the gas station or with everyone else's pump.
Extra tube.
Tire lever with notch to clip onto spoke for hand free holding.
Patch kit.
CO2 tire inflators...very handy.
Extra brake pads and pins (for V-brakes).
Loctite (unopened until needed to prevent mess in bag!).
Tiny tube of grease, 1/2 ounce sealed (open only when needed to prevent mess inside bag!)
Extra bolts for misc attached items.
Brake cable.
Derailleur cable.
Small package of new, extra long shoelaces.
Spray-on bandage Nu-Skin for road rash. Mini first-aid kit, with added Tylenol/Advil/Vicodin.
Signal mirror.
Ultra-light saw(cable-type).
Iodine water-treatment tablet.
Plastic case with "storm-proof" matches (basically one-inch matchhead).
1 bar of "trioxane fuel" to help start fire if needed.
"Emergency Blanket" (foil type).
Bug repellant (resemling a tiny solid-deodorant applicator).

All of the above, minus food and water, fit into a pocket about 5x7 inches, 2 deep, and was carried on every single ride, no matter how short. I've used every single item at least once, nearly all more than once, except for the emergency blanket.... then again, I rode alone into the farthest reaches very very often, with no one to rely on except God and me.
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