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I finished building my bike last september, have complication after complication. finally the last nice day of fall, i got everything going and the bike was a demon on wheels : ) unfortunatly as i had just converted it to freewheel from a coaster my tire wasnt spaced correctly so i chewed through my 3rd tire that month, so i set her in the basement and have been saving money as im going to buy a Stretch cruiser frame and go at it again taking alot of time and getting everything allined.. attached is a pic of my current bike, cant really see the handlebars but they are 13in ape hangers.. i got clocked at 35 and let me just say i weigh about 300lbs.. my engine is the 80cc zoombicycles..
the stretch i plan on building this winter, well in a couple weeks, i was thinking about putting 28" chopper triple tree forks on it. will this make the ride extreamly rough? i thought about a springer front end but i thought with my weight it would just be compressed all the time so i might as not even bother. andy suggestions?

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