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Well, there's only about 4 miles of suburban streets between my home and work, so I'm not too concerned with a long run time, but I do work nights and early mornings quite often, so I am concerned with maintaining good visibility during that short commute (IOW, I want a bright light for my 8 mile total commute). Since I'm a DIY kind of guy, I plan to make my own 20w headlamp inspired by what they did over at KLORG (klorgdotcomslashbike) . (I would post a real link, but since I'm new, I guess I can't). He used different batteries, but I can get lawnmower batteries cheap, so I figure they're worth a shot...

Edit: Your "fast charger" is a really neat idea. I think I may steal it (the idea, that is, not your charger. )

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