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Default Re: Yet more questions

Originally Posted by Padanew View Post
Ok, so far I have ordered my engine and my bike and waiting on them to arrive. So now I need to ask some more questions.

1: Can i use amsoil to start and break in my engine? 100:1 seems a bit lean. Not sure just dont want to burn up the engine.

2: What and were can I get a better air intake for this engine (70cc).

3: Where can i get a 415 chain breaker?

4: Is there anyone here who can make a really good muffer if I supply the parts or money?

5: Also; where can i get the stronger wheel rims for front and back?

Cant think of anymore questions atm will add more later.
1) Sure you can start with Amsoil. 100:1 is for light precision 2 -strokes. 30:1-40:1 is about right.

2) I use an adapted Amsoil air cleaner.

3) You can get a Park tool CT-5 for low cost on eBay, etc Park Tool Website
There are larger options as well

4) Get an expansion pipe and then a healthy silencer.

5) Good bike shop
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