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Default Re: G'Day from Brisneyland, A'Straya !!

Now I can start on my 2nd identical bike & engine kit but this time I'll try to cut the intake pipe back a bit and modify it with slightly different copper pipework so the carby is closer to the engine.

Reckon that would actually make any difference or does my logic not count in this area ?! I thought the easier & smoother the path the air/fuel mix has to get to the combustion chamber the 'better' the engine would run ... right ? Adding my 90 degree copper pipe mod would surely add some resistance to that path and decrease performance a smidge ?!?!

Maybe I need to experiment with my electric turbo theory I assume you can get better performance by forcing air and a richer fuel mixture into a 2-Stroke the same way it does for a turbo induced car engine ?!?
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