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Default G'Day from Brisneyland, A'Straya !!

Hi all.

Just finished building my first motorised bike using the cheapest & crappiest bike & engine I could find. AU$100 for the steel frame MTB from K-Mart + AU$200 for the 66cc engine kit direct from China via eBay so all in all a bit of a bargain for a few days of continual installation challenges (aka: holiday entertainment) and a bit of fun transportation ;)

Anyhoo, the bike frame was VERY restrictive. I measured it up in the shop and it all seemed OK however when it came time to attach the carby and install the spark plug it was a different story. I'm a computer dork by trade so I'm not exposed to this kinda stuff much but after a quick trip to the local hardware store where I bought $3 worth of copper plumbing fittings, some thick solder and a blowtorch I managed to modify the intake pipe with an add-on 90 degree bend so I could mount the carby out to the side. Unbelievably it worked perfectly straight away ! I was amazed ... and kinda proud of myself. I then had to solve the spark plug problem because the supplied 'Champ' plug was far too tall to fit. Went back to the hardware store knowing that stubbier plugs were available and bingo, I found the perfect drop-in replacement which gave me more clearance to the upper tube of the frame so I was even able to use the large bulky & somewhat dodgy looking Chinese HT cap. Again, it also worked perfectly first go. Brilliant :)

So, I'm still half a tannk away from finishing the run-in period but I'm happy with the results so far. This site has been the best help and I've now also learnt all about '4-Stroking' which is something I've been concerned about when at high revs. Yeah, I know ... mixture too rich. I'll use up the remainder of the fuel and give it a run with the standard 50:1 mix for a while before I start fiddling about with leaning it out any more than it already is. I've checked the spark plug and it's got a great beige/grey colour to it so I know it's running well ... I just hope the '4-Stroking' will naturally fix itself after the run in but if not it'll be 'E' clip time :)

So yeah, this moped isn't a patch on my beautiful 1980 Motobecane Mobylette 51V I have safely stored away at home BUT it's been a heap of fun so far and I look forward to a lot more as time goes by.

Thanks & seeya 'round !

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